Compeer Youth Mentoring has teamed up with Playground Records, I Am Brave, and On Point Productions to encourage young people to volunteer time toward youth mentorship. We celebrate the culture of music and believe that, like other forms of art, music is intoxicating to people who appreciate it.
It can be used as a mechanism for coping with life and the challenges our young people face everyday. And at the very least, music can serve as a connective tissue amongst our mentors allowing them to easily identify with others...

We were delighted to find out that two of our very own Youth Mentors were active members of the band, “I AM BRAVE!” And we were equally pleased, at the support we received from the band’s indie label, Playground Records. Working together with these very talented young people, we were able to offer our community the following promotion. Register to become a Youth Mentor for CYM and become eligible for free music downloads!

We are requesting that our young people volunteer hours and become Youth Mentors. Please contact us, Pass on the Power of Friendship and sign up today!

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