Our Mission

To encourage youth who are at-risk of developing social, emotional and behavioral issues to build self-confidence, self-reliance, and healthy relationships by involving them in one-to-one mentorships, innovative programs, and regular social contact.


The Need for Mentors

CYM is a program of MHAST that trains volunteers and matches them in one-to-one mentorship with youth who are at risk developing social, emotional and behavioral issues. Compeer means a companion who is a peer or equal.

The Compeer Program was designed to help reduce the isolation and the feelings of loneliness experiences by many of its participants. Our goal at CYM is to provide mentorship, friendship, and the needed support system to help youth feel more connected to the community.

The beauty of CYM is in its simplicity. The results of CYM relationships can be dramatic. Youth are happier in their social relationships, pursue vocational and educational goals, and are more self confident. Try to imagine your life without the strength, comfort, and happiness friendship brings.
CYM Youth
Youth are referred into the CYM by their therapists, school counselors, or case managers. All have agreed that the youth would greatly benefit from having a mentor. Matches are made with sensitivity to the interests and availability of the youth and the volunteer.

Compeer means a companion who is a peer or equal.

The History of the Compeer Program
Compeer, Inc. originated in Rochester, New York, in 1973. In 1983, MHAST was among the first in New York State to sponsor a Compeer Program outside of Rochester. Rochester is the headquarters for Compeer International, which oversees more than 100 affiliates.
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